Maria: Assistente Psicologa

Maria è una Psicologa clinica italiana che vive in UK dal 2012. Ci contatta a maggio 2015 per ricevere una consulenza CV e covering letter ed un career coaching per capire come può inserirsi nel suo settore in UK. Maria ha infatti molta esperienza in Italia come Psicologa ma non sa come rivendere le sue skills in UK e come presentarsi nel migliore dei modi.

In basso il suo feedback sui nostri servizi che le hanno dato la possibilità di ottenere il primo colloquio come Assistant Psychologist.


“The experience was extremely positive from the beginning, Rosa helped me a lot to understand in which direction I should go and what is needed to have a career in psychology. I must say I was not confident at all and I thought I did not have what was needed even to start from the bottom. The chat with her gave me confidence and I started to focus on my previous experience that I did not value enough up until then.

Hussain was very helpful in continuing what was started with Rosa as he helped me to think specifically at the skills I have learned in my previous experiences.

I was very happy with the CV and the Cover Letter he sent me after and I believe there was great effort in it. I could clearly see the difference between my previous CV and the one he sent me. The session ‘How to Pitch yourself’  was extremely useful as well because Hussain explained in details what recruiters are looking for and how they work. I also realised how unprepared I was. We practiced face-to-face and at the phone and I could understand very well what to say and how.

I cannot thank you enough, I would have not been ready for calls at all! I received already a couple of calls since I uploaded my CV on various websites on Sunday evening and I feel more confident now.

I called Pulse today after work but I was told that the recruiters were gone (or about to go) and they will give me a call tomorrow around lunch time. I asked for their names and for the receptionist’s name so I can call them if I don’t hear back from them during my lunch break (things I would have never done before the session with Hussain).

I will continue to look for a job as Assistant Psychologist now that I know I have everything it is needed to apply for it – hopefully I will find something soon.

I want to thank you again for everything you have done with me and for the work that Hussain has done with my CV – it also gave me so much more confidence. I am willing to recommend you to anyone that needs to find a job. Thank you very much!”

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