How you can use LinkedIn to job search

Hundreds of companies use LinkedIn to post jobs and find candidates for employment. These expanding opportunities are good news for job seekers!


But how can you ensure you’re using the LinkedIn to it’s full potential to find a job? It’s crucial to take time to build your LinkedIn profile and add connections so that it can enhance your job search. It’s also important to give back to the community and by giving help and advice. Networking is building relationships rather than just asking for assistance. It works both ways.


Tips for Using LinkedIn for Job Search


  • Complete and update your profile – You have a better chance of being found and contacted if your profile is complete and always updated. Use your LinkedIn profile as a resume, and provide detailed information about your skills and experience.


  • Find and use connections – The more connections you have, the better your chances of finding someone who can help you with your job search. Employer’s looks for referrals from their own employees to fill positions before opening up a job to the masses. So being connected with someone who is employed at the company or has connections there, increases your exposure.


  • Job search options – You can search for jobs on LinkedIn by keyword, country and zip code. The advanced search option refines your search by location, miles from a location, experience level, company, job title, job function, salary, industry and date posted. Here’s how to search for and apply for jobs on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn Company Profiles – LinkedIn company profiles are a good way to find more information on a company you’re interested in. You’ll be able see your connections at the company, new hires, promotions, jobs posted, related companies and company statistics.

Now that you know a few job searching tips about LinkedIn, it’s time to take action! If you’re looking for a new job, we also have vacancies available on our website that you can apply for today. If you have struggled for a long time to find a job that’s suitable for you, learn more about how our job coaching service can help you.

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