The use of a European format CV (Europass) or the translation of your Curriculum Vitae from your language into English does not guarantee that you will obtain a job interview, especially in the United Kingdom.

Every day, UK companies receive dozens and dozens of CVs and candidates have to compete with, on average, 200 plus candidates for each job vacancy. In a complex job market, such as the UK, it is essential to write an effective CV where the content focuses on your true competencies (skills) and on the outcomes obtained during your career (achievements).

In other words, the Curriculum Vitae is your business card and, if the content is not attractive enough, the employer will not be able to distinguish your application from those of other applicants, with the consequences being you end up wasting your time, losing motivation and self-confidence.

CV&Coffee’s customised CV consultancy services and one-to-one meetings – whether in a café or via Skype – have the main objective of identifying your career goals and the expertise gained in your career to date. We do not simply translate your CV into English, we literally re-write it from scratch. Your consultation with one of our career advice experts is important for the following reasons: besides writing a new, more competitive CV in English, we explain how the UK job market works, how to find a job, how to fit your CV to the different job offers and much more.

What do our CV services include?

        • Identifying your career objectives and analysis of real job opportunities in the United Kingdom
        • A one-to-one meeting of 30 or 60 minutes to fully uncover and assess your skills and achievements
        • Writing from scratch or optimisation of your CV, which will be delivered in 7 working days in a word and PDF format
        • A tutorial video
        • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
        • Increase your chance of success: 9 out of 10 clients receive a call by companies or recruiters soon after our consultancy service has produced their CV

We offer the CV writing service for Basic, Professional and Executive profiles.

    (Hospitality / Retail)
  • CV completely rewritten
  • £99.00 + VAT
  • CV completely rewritten
  • £199.00 + VAT
    (Junior & Middle Management)
  • Optimisation
  • £99.00 + VAT
  • CV completely rewritten
  • £199.00 + VAT
  • Optimisation
  • £129 + VAT
  • CV completely rewritten
  • £229 + VAT

If you want to know more about each service or apply please fill in the form below:


So quick! I sent my CV to the recruitment agencies on Tuesday morning and in the afternoon I immediately received the first few calls.

Chiara L.
Chiara L.Office Manager & PA

After the consultancy service, I received over 30 calls in just one month, some of which have finally led to job interviews. Without the help of CV&Coffee, I would have continued to waste my time in sending applications in vain, without receiving any answers. The consultancy service was crucial for my job search. I could properly highlight my skills and the achievements obtained during my previous job experiences.

Roberto C.
Roberto C. Pharmaceutical Stability Administrator

I contacted CV&Coffee to receive a consultancy service in mid-September and, in just 2 weeks, I was called for two job interviews. I had a job interview at the end of September and another one at the beginning of October, both for the position of Credit Controller. The second job interview was successful and I was finally offered a job in my sector.

Maria Grazia M.
Maria Grazia M.Credit Controller

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