We have assisted hundreds of professional Italians so far in reaching their career objectives. The quality of our consultancy services is demonstrated by the final success of our clients.

9 out of 10 clients receive a call from recruiters or companies after making use of our consultancy services.

Why? Each applicant benefits from the maximum attention and customisation of the service. We work with dedication and enthusiasm with every individual, because each of you represents a possibility of demonstrating what we are good at. Your success is also our success.

Below you can read some of the success stories from our clients who have finally obtained their dream job, thanks to our support and assistance.

So quick! I sent my CV to the recruitment agencies on Tuesday morning and in the afternoon I immediately received the first few calls.

Chiara L.
Chiara L. Office Manager & PA

After the consultancy service, I received over 30 calls in just one month, some of which have finally led to job interviews. Without the help of CV&Coffee, I would have continued to waste my time in sending applications in vain, without receiving any answers. The consultancy service was crucial for my job search. I could properly highlight my skills and the achievements obtained during my previous job experiences.

Roberto C.
Roberto C. Pharmaceutical Stability Administrator

I contacted CV&Coffee to receive a consultancy service in mid-September and, in just 2 weeks, I was called for two job interviews. I had a job interview at the end of September and another one at the beginning of October, both for the position of Credit Controller. The second job interview was successful and I was finally offered a job in my sector.

Maria Grazia M.
Maria Grazia M.Credit Controller

I was fully satisfied with my new CV and cover letter. I found a well-trained and helpful CV&Coffee consultant, he always provided the right answer to all my questions, in a quick and effective manner. I will not hesitate to contact you again if I feel the need to develop my career in the future. I have already suggested to my friends who are looking for a job to contact you. For me it was of great help!

Donatella C.
Donatella C. Customer Advisor

I sent my application with CV and cover letter prepared by CV&Coffee to a company which in the past had excluded me from the selection process, with the new documents, the company did contact me after my application.

Francesco A.
Francesco A. University Lecturer

I was positively impressed by the new document, as revised and improved by the CV&Coffee team; I think it was great work, very accurate! I could immediately see the advantages obtained after this service. It really helped me in getting a job interview!

Maria Z.
Maria Z. Psychologist

Thanks for your valuable tips and advice. Today I have been offered a job I could never have imagined before! My CV was so convincing and the job interview so incredibly successful that they soon printed my job contract and asked me to sign it. Thanks again for your services. I will always recommend your service. You are such a fantastic team!

Michela M.
Michela M.Interior Designer

In addition to the CV and cover letter, I have made use of the training session in preparation of the job interview. I knew exactly how to answer the recruiters’ questions, how to get self-confident in talking about my skills and achievements. The interview with the company was crucial: I never realised before I had so many winning cards to play during an interview.

Chiara L.
Chiara L. Office Manager and PA

The preparation for the job interviews marked a turning point. It helped me to look at my career from a different perspective. I started to focus on the solidity of my job experience and how some elements of my career, that I previously overlooked, could be “leveraged” during an interview.

Sonia A.
Sonia A. Reservation & Supply Advisor

The coaching session has been very productive and it has offered me the opportunity of understanding how to enhance my job search and how to make it more effective. I have really appreciated your help and support.

Gianluigi E.
Gianluigi E.Team Member EUGENIO

A very professional course, suitable for individuals who are at the beginning of their job search in London, but also for veterans. It was not only a training experience, but also a motivational one.

Rossella C.
Rossella C.Customer Manager

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