‘In 3 months I found the job that I’ve wished for!’

Name: Gianfranco B.

Job Title: Compliance consultant

What services did you benefit from?  CV writing and interview preparation

Why did you want to get involved CV&Coffee?

I discovered CV&Coffee by conducting a research online. Since I wanted to enter the compliance field with very little experience abroad, and no experience in England, I contacted CV&Coffee in order to write a better CV, where I could emphasise my strengths to the eyes of recruiters.

How did the CV writing, and Interview preparation service help you?

The CV writing was carried out within 2 weeks, during which they wanted to know more about my professional goals, my wishes, and my professional career until present. I had to complete a form, a Skype call was arranged, and documents were sent to me for the job search preparation. We had constant email contact. The interview preparation took place via a Skype call, where we did a job interview simulation, focusing on possible interview questions, and the best way to answer them. Both of the services have served me a lot! My new CV is much better than my old one and I tackle interviews in a reliable and more decisive manner.

Has CV&Coffee reached your expectations with the company you’ve been placed?

Absolutely yes. Again, I did not have any experience here in London in the area where I wanted to enter. Despite this, I had the opportunity to proceed until the last stages of interviews at multinational corporations, thanks to the CV writing and Interview preparation services with CV & Coffee. In 3 months I found the job that I’ve wished for!

What do you think about the recruitment team at CV&Coffee?

The team at CV&Coffee are technically prepared, experienced, friendly, and worried to prepare the client to deal with job searching in the UK, with the best tools, (CV preparation, job searching tips, interview preparation etc.), and the right attitude.

Would you recommend someone to get enrolled with CV&Coffee? And why?

Absolutely yes! I had the opportunity to be followed up by Teresa and Laura. They were amazing and they far exceeded my expectations. I don’t only recommend CV&Coffee for Italian people, because I believe that is quite difficult to find an agency in the UK that are technically talented, and also keep an eye on the client during the research by constantly following up.

What do you most like about Cv&Coffee?

Two things surprised me positively about CV&Coffee:

1) The huge experience of CV&Coffee’s team in the selection/HR field, and their ability to coach and prepare a candidate.

2) Their ability to motivate you, prepare you for the job research, and the support during and after the job hunting.

Thank you 🙂

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