4 things companies should consider before hiring

The process of hiring a new employee isn’t easy. Just like a potential employee spends time and effort to be able to match their skills with an appropriate job role, you as the employer acknowledge that it’s also a difficult task to find someone who can become a true asset for your business. Here are some tips to help you to do that:

  • Outline your goals – Think ahead, and ask yourself where you would like to be in 6 months. What’s the future of my company? What are my goals and can we achieve them with the staff we have now? If the answer is no, then considering new staff is probably the best option.
  • Motivate current staff – Before hiring someone new, think about someone on the team who’s already been performing well enough to be promoted. That way you have a better chance at success if you have a plan b, just in case things don’t go as planned. Even after you take the decision to hire someone, the team will always become stronger if your current employee’s have goals to look forward to in the long-term or near future. Doing this avoids de-motivating a whole team who’s worked long and hard to make the company succeed.
  • Always be interviewing – The right time to interview is before there’s an urgent need. Interviewing candidates consistently, gives you an idea of what kind of talent your company needs. And that way, your also informed on what the salary expectations are from potential employee’s, the skills the candidates have or lack in, and overall it gets you closer to hiring the ideal candidate because your not rushing the process.
  • Implement trial periods – It’s sometimes easier to work smart by coming to an agreement with the employee. An agreement that allows you to take a test drive. Instead of having only full-time roles, try selling positions that attract open-minded people who are willing to work hard to prove themselves with a trial period. It allows the company and the candidate to feel each other out and be candid about what each side is gaining. And if they’re successful—congratulations! You haven’t invested anything, plus you have found your ideal candidate.

Even by implementing these tips, it’s still hard to find the ideal candidate. That’s why many employers prefer to partner with recruitment companies like ours, so that we do all of that work for you. So that it removes the headache of not knowing what to do, and when to do it. Now with that in mind, get hiring! For recruitment enquiry, please call us on 020 3633 0291 or email at recruitment@cvandcoffee.com

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