Herminia: Executive PA

Name: Herminia

Job Title: Executive PA

Why did you get in contact with CV&Coffee?

I have looked for a job for a long time without results. I talked about it with a friend of mine, and he told me about CV&Coffee and the companies services. The team has a good reputation in the Italian Market. So I decided to call them. Talking to them was really important to me, because they motivated me and clarified some doubts I had about the UK market.

What do you think about our CV optimisation service?

Excellent. I had an interview with the team via skype, and they immediately understood my professional profile, and she defined a guide-line for my job search.

Has CV&Coffee reached your expectations to get the job you’ve wanted?

Yes. In 40 days I’ve been hired to work in a high position for an Oil and Gas Company.

Would you recommend someone to get enrolled with CV&Coffee? And why?

Of course. I trust in CV&Coffee. They are extremely professional and sensitive, in the way that they acknowledge things fast.


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