How to increase your confidence at a job interview

It’s not always easy to come across as confident in an interview. You might be very nervous and not know how to command the situation. Or you might be well prepared but not know how to sell yourself and have the confidence to show what you have to offer. Not to worry because these points will help you boost your confidence:

Connect with interviewers instead of trying to impress them – At an interview, it’s very important to come across as likeable. So, to boost your confidence, your energy should be focused on building trust and rapport with your interviewer, rather than trying to impress him or her. Focus on connecting with people rather than focusing on the performance.

Use breathing techniques to boost confidence – A big part of being confident is being relaxed, so breathing and practising mindfulness exercises are helpful. Focusing on your breathing just before an interview should help calm nerves, and should increase your confidence.

Be kind to yourself before the interview – It’s important to speak to yourself with compassion, and throw away any critical thoughts that stand in your way. Remember to never be afraid to sell yourself. People worry about appearing arrogant, but the interviewer does not read minds and does not automatically know what you have to offer, so it is up to you to tell them.

Use relaxation exercises to reduce anxiety – Concentrate on your breathing or on body sensations, for a few moments. It will help calm you down, but also remember to speak slowly in an interview, as sometimes we tend to rush when we are nervous. Don’t be afraid of moments of silence during the interview. Sometimes pausing more often in your sentences will help you control the situation better.

Imagine yourself succeeding – Imagining yourself being successful at an upcoming job interview. This will boost your confidence. Start to visualise a successful interview by picturing how you would walk to the room, shake the interviewer’s hands and answer the questions with confidence. This technique will help calm any pre-interview nerves. Having a strong belief that you are the best person for the job and feeling relaxed should help boost your confidence.

Prepare and rehearse answers out loud – If you go into an interview prepared with answers for most questions, it takes the pressure off, and you walk in confident as you feel more relaxed about what’s about to happen. To make sure you’re well prepared, you may want to practice an interview with a friend.


Hopefully these points will help you boost your confidence and reduce your nerves if you have an upcoming interview. Being well prepared is crucial at an interview. See how we can help you prepare your interview here. And if you’re looking for a job, click here to see our latest job vacancies.

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