How to dress for an interview

Giving a good first impression at an interview is crucial. Interviews are formal occasions so your choice of clothing should reflect this, especially because you’re also judged by your attire. Of course, if you know in advance that a workplace has a dress code, you should choose what to wear to an interview based on that dress code. Here are the key things to consider when wondering what to wear for an interview:


  1. Be prepared The day of an interview can be chaotic, so pick out what you are going to wear the day before. Wardrobe choices in the morning of an interview can lead to unwelcome stress, and could result in lateness.
  1. Do your laundry – A stain or mark on your best interview suit won’t look good at all. This should be avoided by washing or dry cleaning your interview clothes in advance so that they are ready to go on the big day.
  1. Smarten up – If you are used to wearing a shirt and tie, then get into the habit of ironing your shirt and knotting your neck tie, so that it does not look like the first time you have done it at the interview. If you struggle with this, don’t hesitate to ask someone for help.
  1. Hair matters – Scruffy hair can make you come across as unprofessional. Along with smart attire, you should tie your hair back with a decent accessory or have a trim.
  1. Dress or suit? –Dresses are perfectly good choices for office wear but not if they are too glitzy or are really only suitable as evening wear. If your dresses are not ideal for an interview, then wear a trouser suit or a simple skirt and blouse combination.
  1. Jewellery – Rings, necklaces and other accessories are okay to wear to an interview, but too many items of jewellery can be distracting. Select a few things only and stay modest.
  1. Footwear choices – Men should opt for black or brown shoes and avoid things like trainers. Women should not be overly adventurous with high heels and avoid informal footwear such as flip flops even on a hot summer’s day.


In conclusion, doing everything you can to give a good first impression in vital. But your attire isn’t the only thing you need to be cautious of. The interview in itself is something that requires preparation. Knowing how to sell yourself, answer common questions and convince the employer that your the perfect candidate can be a challenge. We can help you prepare your interview and boost your confidence. We offer a interview preparation service that will not only help you answer common inerview questions, but it’ll also increase your confidence. Click here to learn more.

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