Why use a recruitment agency to select your staff?

Finding the perfect match for your job description could be a difficult task and can take more time than you initially may think.

The recruitment industry, despite some of the biggest companies continuing to use internal tools for their job hunting (job boards and social media), is exponentially growing and will continue to be considered the best solution to find the best candidates. In particular, it will continue to grow the need to work with specialised agencies whose knowledge of their industry is very high and therefore, they are able to offer a quality consulting service – honest, transparent and clear – to all clients.

Why then is it important to work with a recruitment agency in your personnel selection?


  • Good knowledge of the market – Specialised recruitment agencies have an in-depth knowledge of their industry. This means that the recruiter becomes the point of reference for the company to better understand the market trends and needs and offer better support to the company looking to hire additional staff. If the recruitment process becomes difficult because finding certain type of candidates is more complex, the recruiter is the person in charge, who will immediately inform the company and advise an alternative solution. Remember: the recruiter is your ally in the selection process
  • Candidates not Job Seekers: Using a recruitment agency reduces your workload and time required for the selection process. In fact, the recruiter will only send the CVs of the candidates whose skills perfectly match your requirements and for whom it’s worth spending an hour of your time to review. Recruitment agencies aim to save you time, not waste it.
  • Brand Ambassador: It is important to carefully select the recruitment agency you will work with. It will indeed be the recruitment agency to represent your company and talk on your behalf about your mission, values, work environment and career prospective. For this reason, it’s always important for a recruiter to plan an initial meeting with the company to better understand the type of candidate the client is looking for and prepare a detailed job description. Lastly, it’s advisable for a recruiter to visit clients’ offices to understand the work environment and company culture.
  • Reduction of costs: The recruitment company must be seen as an opportunity to optimise your selection process and reduce any job advertisement / HR costs. There is always an urgency when companies are looking for new employees so don’t waste any time and start working with a recruitment agency from day one.


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