How to stay motivated whilst job searching

Weekly Motivation #02

It’s 7am, and your alarm goes off on a Monday morning. Do you feel like going to work? Thousands of adults across the UK are demotivated everyday because there’re unhappy about their job.

And it’s not only workers struggling at the moment; jobseekers are also feeling down about their prospects. So we’ve put together some tips for staying motivated when looking for a new job…

Be realistic

Nobody likes feeling like a failure. So whether you’re currently in work and desperately searching for a new job, or you are unemployed and keen on being hired by an employer, then make sure your job search is realistic.

Consider what salary you should be aiming for, and see how many jobs are available in your field. It may take a few months or longer for you to find work. Expect a good a number of applications and interviews before getting a new job. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Reward time

Have you sent off three CVs this morning? Have you had a call back for an interview? Reward yourself! You can head out for a coffee, take a walk in the park, or even go out with a friend. But the point here is, when you reward yourself for taking action, you will feel much more motivated to continue doing this on a daily basis, which will exponentially increase your chances of getting a job.

Think positive

What’s the point if I’ll never get it? Why bother, I mean there are too many people looking for work? What a waste of time applying for those jobs are… These are all thoughts that naturally enter all of our heads when struggling to find a new job. But this will only make you feel unmotivated and worsen your job hunt. Look at every negative outcome as practice. Don’t let your mind convince you that you can’t get ahead.

Keep it in perspective

There is good news out there for jobseekers! Skills gaps in many industries like engineering and IT, mean there are more jobs than candidates. Employers are opening up new opportunities and there’s a current trend for contract jobs. So rest assured there is a job out there for you. Click here to see if you can find a job that suits you on CV&Coffee. We have many job openings available so feel free to contact us and apply!

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