Giovanna – Marketing Executive

What services did you benefit from?  CV and cover letter review

Why did you want to get involved CV&Coffee?

Thanks to the press I discovered CV&Coffee. I read an interesting article, and I wanted to research what they do. I found the LinkedIn of the founder of CV&Coffee, Teresa Pastena, and connected with her. After a couple of months I decided to have a consultation and thereafter I moved to London.

How did the CV writing, and the cover letter preparation service help you?

The CV review service helped me a lot to discover more about my strengths, my abilities, and my achievements. My new CV is much better than my old one. I acquired many contacts after a couple of weeks in London. But unfortunately my knowledge about the city and my English communication skills didn’t help me. So it took time, patience and constancy but I then found a job in the marketing sector, in an institution that work with the government.

Has CV&Coffee reached your expectations in general?

CV&Coffee helps you to understand how to place yourself in the UK job market. I think their help has been fundamental for me. I am not young and my English is good but it isn’t perfect. So you really need to work a lot on it. One of the services I would like to recommend is the interview preparation. I haven’t done it, but I still think it is a “must” since the process is much more selective than in Italy.

Would you recommend someone to get enrolled with CV&Coffee? And why?

Definitely yes if you decide to move to an English speaking country. I found Teresa really experienced and professional. She knows the sector in which I am working in, she knows the agency who’s focused on my job profile, and she suggested me what to say and what not to say during an interview. It has been hard, but after 5 months I found a proper job.

What do you most like about CV&Coffee?

Their ability to support and motivate you. It is not easy moving to another country, and before you find a job in your field, many unsuccessful things can happen. But if you contact them to share your concerns, they always find the time to support you.


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