Attractive job offers: how to write them.

It is possible to write a job offer in a few minutes, but what would be its effectiveness?

Could a meagre and rushed job offer help your company in finding the perfect candidate? The answer is no.

In an increasingly competitive market, it is not just companies that choose their candidates, but also the candidates who choose the company and the place where they spend most of their time. It is therefore essential to write complete and comprehensive job offers in order to identify the best match for your company.

What are the elements that have to be included in order to consider a job offer interesting?

  • Competitive salary. Not only is it always good to indicate the remuneration of the job offer – it is the first piece of information the candidate will look for! – but it is also important that the salary is adequate to the role and responsibilities that it entails. Offering attractive and competitive salaries will be an advantage for everyone; on the one hand, for the company, which will most likely attract the best candidates on the market, and on the other, for the candidate who, happy with the remuneration package, will not start looking for new jobs after just three months. In addition, indicating the salary, or its range, will avoid wasting time for both of them.


  • Career prospects. Right after the salary, the career prospects that a company offers are an equally important element of assessment for the candidates. If your company offers training courses on a quarterly basis, underline it. Almost all the candidates want to learn new things and work in stimulating environments in which they can improve each day. And very often, continuous training is even more important than the salary offered.


  • Benefits and bonuses. Whether it’s a pension, annual bonuses, medical insurance or a gym membership, they are all extra benefits that are worth pointing out.


  • Flexibility. Being able to work one day at home or having the chance to start at 10 instead of 9 is a very attractive offer, especially in a metropolis like London. If you also have this option in your package, let them know!


  • Work environment and corporate culture. What does it mean to work for your company? Do you organise social or team building events on a frequent basis? Do you have a CSR department or are you particularly active in supporting non-profit organisations of a different nature? Working for an ethical company is a choice that many are starting to make, especially among the new generations.


Good luck with your search for the best candidate!

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