How to find a new job

Looking for a new job?

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to job seeking, you’re looking for a career change, or you’ve been on the hunt for a while – finding the right role isn’t always easy. Especially if you don’t know how (or where) to look. Here’s a small guide to finding a new job:

  • Look in the right places – The easiest and most effective way to find a role is by using a job site. Not only will they allow you to upload your CV and start applying for vacancies instantly – but some will also have mobile apps available, meaning you can search for jobs wherever you are. Additionally, registering with a recruitment consultancy is another great way to find work – especially if you’re looking in a specific sector. This approach will also allow you to get one-to-one advice from a consultant. Also, networking, local newspapers, and social media can also be great tools for finding the right job.
  • Write and/or refresh your CV – Even if you already have a CV, it’s vital to spend some time making sure it’s up-to-date before you start your job search. Because although you’ll still need to tailor it to each role you apply for, having the basics covered like formatting, layout, and your most recent work history/skills, will make this process much easier. Whether you use a CV template, go for a more creative CV layout, or start from scratch after figuring out how to write a CV – you’ll be on the right track to impressing future employers. Make sure it’s short, to the point, and relevant.
  • Tailor your applications – Once you’ve figured out what you want to do and where you’re going to look, it’s time to start applying for roles. Firstly, make sure you’re searching in the most effective way – whether it’s by broadening or restricting your search a bit more, or even varying the job titles you search for. Then, once you’ve found a role you’re interested in – make an effort to sell yourself. This means using the job description to highlight your most relevant skills and experience in your CV and cover letter.


Prepare for the interview – Aside from figuring out what type of interview you’re attending; whether it’s phone, video, group, or one-on-one, it’s also key to research the company, role, and potential questions you’ll be asked.

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