New Year. New Job

January is notoriously the month of new resolutions.

The New Year always represents an opportunity to think about what we want to achieve over the following 12 months. Often, at the top of the list of our wishes, is a new job, a new career path, new professional challenges.

How do we reach these objectives?

  • Update your CV: Make sure your brand identity is clear and defined. Remember that competition is high and your chances of being successful increase if you outline your expertise. What are you good at? What skills have you developed over the last three years? Start from this exercise: take a piece of paper and make a list of your strengths; after an attentive analysis of your USPs (Unique Selling Points), it will be easier to write your new CV. When you update your CV, remember to update all the databases where you have registered your CV e.g. Reed, Indeed, CV-Library as well as your LinkedIn profile. It’s important to update your salary expectations too, which is often the amount you first registered on the job portal, usually lower than your current expectations. Updating this piece of information will be crucial to receive the right phone calls and not waste yours and other people’s time.
  • Networking: If you haven’t created a LinkedIn profile yet, this is the right time to do it.  Aside from registering on the most famous professional social platform in the world, try to meet relevant people out there, face to face. Attending networking events for specific professions, could be the first step in the right direction, especially if you are looking for a new challenge in a different industry.
  • Membership: Register with the professional body most relevant to you. Almost every profession is regulated by a body e.g. architects, psychologists, HR and many more. Being a registered member, will give you access to exclusive networking events, courses, jobs and much more.


  • Develop new skills: Add to your CV a new course or qualification to make your profile more competitive. You can search for useful courses on different websites, like Eventbrite, CityLit, Udemy, CourseGate, (free courses). Also, consider volunteering opportunities, you can find plenty on, according to the area where you live or the causes closest to your heart.
  • New Year, New Team. January is the ideal month to search for a new job. As well as jobseekers, companies are on the hunt for the right employees. With the annual budget ready to implement new strategies, companies are looking to hire new personnel or to replace exiting employees. December is the month where some employees receive their annual bonus, so January is the month where the same employees decide to look for new opportunities, hence opening a new vacancy in the company.

With the right tools and the right planning, your next career move will be easier to achieve. Happy 2020!

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