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CV&Coffee was set up with an educational objective; to improve the job hunting tools of Italian speaking candidates looking for work and internship opportunities in the UK market.

For Italian students, it is becoming more important to complete a job experience abroad in order to improve their knowledge of the English language and acquire new technical and behavioural skills. The possibility of attending a student internship or a work placement abroad makes each student’s CV more competitive; it also offers them the opportunity to compare themselves with other similar aged people from different countries, and get acquainted with different work approaches and methods.

To compete at an international level, students need a CV which is focused on their main competencies and on their achievements. Italian students, though well trained, are often not able to highlight their strengths effectively as they are not “culturally” prepared to think in terms of achievements. This contributes to an increase in the gap between the job market and the education/training sector. Italian students are not generally taught how to find a job, how to present themselves to companies, or how to show off their skills and competencies in an effective and successful way.

Our training workshops – whether in class or online – are born from the necessity for training Italian students who are looking for an internship or work placement opportunity abroad, starting from the assumption that the CV in the European format is not compatible with the UK job market. Hence, if a student submits his/her application by using a Europass model, he/she drastically reduces the possibilities of obtaining a job interview.

CV&Coffee’s workshops aim to:

    • Teach the rules of the UK job market
    • Make Italian students more competitive across the UK job market

The quality and expertise of our services have been recognised by Italian schools, Chambers of Commerce, universities and prestigious research centres, which have chosen us to train their students and researchers for the optimisation and growth of their professional skills. At present, we have numerous ongoing collaborations with Italian educational/training institutions (public and private). We offer them quality training and work placements to their students.

Our offer:

    • Interactive workshops covering the writing of CVs and cover letters, and preparation for job interviews
    • Work placements for university students


Our students from 5th level classes met CV&Coffee’s experts within a vocational guidance project. I could appreciate the smooth and interactive running of the workshop, including an extensive involvement of participants and several points of analysis. The contents were interesting and effective, putting the main objectives at the centre, while providing motivation to students. The service offered by CV&Coffee is relevant, innovative and professional, with a clear explanation on how to fill in a CV using a UK template. We will soon repeat this experience with new workshops and modules.

Prof. Adele Mauriello
Prof. Adele MaurielloEnglish language teacher at Istituto Luigi Amabile in Avellino (Italy)

The series of tips, the advice given in the classroom, the theme-oriented workshops and the simulation of a job interview in English have proved to be very useful to understand the British job market, putting us on a good start!

Raffaele T.
Raffaele T.Student at University of Teramo (Italy)

If you are teacher or a manager at a career advice or work placement office, please contact us to receive further information on our training offer.

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