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Have you just arrived in London with little knowledge of the UK market and would like to have a chat with our experienced career advisers? Have you been living in London for a long time, managed to find your dream job and perhaps you would like to share some tips with those seeking job opportunities in your sector? Or would you like to meet our team as you are planning on booking a career advice meeting with us?
Whatever your circumstances or reasons are, come along to our friendly and relaxed networking events!
While drinking a lovely glass of wine or a spritz, you will meet professional people like you.
Our networking evenings represent an opportunity to:

• Meet our experienced Italian and English team
• Meet people working in the same industry you would like to work in
• Meet new people and make new friends

We look forward to seeing you! Come along on your own or with some friends for a relaxing evening after work.

Browse our calendar to find out when there will be our next networking aperitif.

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