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Break’s over. Back to work!

There is no better time to look for a job than after the summer! You are full of energy, rested and hopefully, the summer break helped you clarify your career objectives! In addition, this is the time of the year when there are more job adverts, so take full advantage of this and start applying for […]

How to stay focused at work

Unfortunately, procrastination happens to all of us. No matter how motivated you are, distracting yourself from what needs to be done, with things that definitely don’t need to be done, can seem like the most tempting option. Here are a few of our top tips on how to stop procrastinating at work: Eliminate distractions – […]

Worst things to do at an interview

We all make mistakes. Even at interviews. But before you start letting your nerves get the better of you, the good news is that most interview nightmares are easy to avoid. It all comes down to preparation – as well as knowing which things are likely to go wrong. Let’s take a look at the worst things you can […]

How to find a new job

Looking for a new job? It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to job seeking, you’re looking for a career change, or you’ve been on the hunt for a while – finding the right role isn’t always easy. Especially if you don’t know how (or where) to look. Here’s a small guide to finding a […]

The ‘why do you want this job?’ interview question

Interview questions can be unpredictable… You can get asked character questions, that are all about finding out more about your personality. Others try and test you, to see how you handle being put under pressure. But the truth is, they aren’t all about you – and that’s exactly where this question comes in. You probably already […]

How can you work around studying?

Not sure you can juggle work and study effectively? There is a way… Whether you’re at school, college, attending an English course or at university, working alongside studying is a great way to gain practical work experience, not to mention boost your income. But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy – especially if your course […]

Attributes valued by employers

If you’re struggling to stand out, it might be time to take it personally. Although it can seem like work experience, knowledge, and qualifications are the only things an employer is interested in, your personality also plays a big part in your suitability for the job. And even if you match the job specifications perfectly, […]

How to handle difficult co-workers

If you work alongside someone who is “loud” or “aggressive,” you might think that it’s time to quit your job and find employment elsewhere. Unfortunately, you probably aren’t willing to give up a job just because of that one co-worker with “the big personality” in the office. But here are some tips to cope with a difficult […]

What to do when you lose your job

Finding out that you have lost your job is tough – faced with the worry that your earnings will stop, but the bills won’t. Use our checklist below to help manage your money and your job hunt until you find work again. Review your finances – Take a good look at your finances to plan how […]

Why are cover letters so important?

Everyone knows CVs are important. It’s the best way of selling and marketing yourself to employers. But that’s only one part of the job application process. There’s another equally important stage that is often overlooked and misunderstood: the cover letter. So why is it so important? And what should it contain? A cover letter is […]

4 ways to get your dream job

We’re in a very tough economy today, and you may wonder how you can get any job at all, much less the job you really want. The truth is, if the job you want exists, there’s a way to get it. You just have to think long term, and follow a plan. Here are four ways […]