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How to be a good recruiter

As a recruiter, your job is to find the best candidate on the market to help clients build a better business as well as help candidates with their career progression. It sounds easy but it’s not! A good recruiter needs knowledge of the industry, negotiation skills, a great network and lots of resilience! It’s no […]

Budget 2021: jobs and businesses.

In a Budget which ‘meets the moment’, last week the Chancellor Rishi Sunak set out a £65 billion three-point plan to provide support for jobs and businesses. A number of initiatives have been outlined to help the economy recover from the pandemic. How will these measures affect you?   Furlough scheme. Introduced at the beginning […]

Job hunting tips during the coranavirus pandemic.

These are unprecedented times when it comes to job hunting. Many positions have been put on hold, others have been cancelled; however, there are still industries performing well in this Covid-19 crisis, so don’t despair! In a market that is more competitive than usual – the number of unemployed people has increased since last March […]

New Year. New Job

January is notoriously the month of new resolutions. The New Year always represents an opportunity to think about what we want to achieve over the following 12 months. Often, at the top of the list of our wishes, is a new job, a new career path, new professional challenges. How do we reach these objectives? […]

Cover Letter: how to write it

Use the Job Description wisely… Put yourself in the shoes of a hiring manager.  They know they need someone in their team, and they know what they want them to be able to do.  They put the duties and responsibilities, as best they can, into the Job Description (JD) they write. As a job hunter, […]

Attractive job offers: how to write them.

It is possible to write a job offer in a few minutes, but what would be its effectiveness? Could a meagre and rushed job offer help your company in finding the perfect candidate? The answer is no. In an increasingly competitive market, it is not just companies that choose their candidates, but also the candidates […]

Telling stories is the key for success at interviews

Our brains have evolved to listen to stories, before the written word, this was how information was handed down through the generations. The elders would tell stories to educate the younger members of the tribe in the ways of the world. For this reason, evolutionary psychologists believe we like hearing stories, we expect them to […]

Tell me about yourself?

Tell me about yourself. The standard way to start an interview. People often struggled with this question, typically they will do something they probably know isn’t right, like ask for clarification.  “Do you mean since starting school, just my career, what do you want to know, exactly?” You are there to communicate something very specific, […]