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The Application Form is a formal, electronic module replacing your Curriculum Vitae and cover letter when applying for jobs. Usually, this form is available for vacancies in the public sector to guarantee that a fair selection process takes place. The form is identical for all applicants. Some major companies make use of these application forms to speed up the selection process.

The application form is a long and complex document – sometimes exceeding 10 pages – requiring a lot of your time and patience to complete it.

Just like your CV and cover letter, the application form is important to demonstrate to the potential employer that you are the right candidate for the position offered, and that you are suitable for a job interview. In particular, you will be asked to demonstrate the skills and competencies the company is looking for in the vacancy: failing here will risk you not to being selected for the job you want. It is important to highlight your academic, professional and personal achievements gained during your career and educational experience to date. You will also be asked to prove your true and real interest in the vacancy and in the company you are applying to.

The application forms often have a limit in the number of words which can be used for each section.

    • Academic qualifications: In this section, you must provide information about your academic career, degree(s), degree modules completed, as well as the qualifications/certifications gained.
    • Job experience: You must list your main job responsibilities and roles in a chronological order for each position, starting from the most recent to the less recent.
    • Questions verifying your expertise: In this section, you must prove you are the perfect candidate for the position. It is recommended you highlight your achievements and skills and communicate them effectively.
    • Personal statement: What is your real motivation towards the position? Prove your motivation in this paragraph, and make sure to cover and identify all points required in the job offer/spec.

What do our Application Form services include?

    • An assessment of real opportunities with respect to your application
    • A one-to-one meeting of 60 minutes with an experienced career adviser to understand how to make your application effective and successful, which examples to use to highlight your skills and achievements; and how to write a personal statement
    • A grammar check of your Application Form written by you on the basis of our tips and advice
    • Increase your chances of success
    • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Application Form
  • £99.00 + VAT

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I was positively impressed by the new document, as revised and improved by the CV&Coffee team; I think it was great work, very accurate! I could immediately see the advantages obtained after this service. It really helped me in getting a job interview!

Maria Z.
Maria Z.Psychologist

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